Kevin Hunt for Red Prevaricator by Eman
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Kevin Hunt for Red Prevaricator

(Warning there are a lot of “I”s in this story, so please handle with care)

The dawn of SuperEman

I have been doing a lot of stuff in the CCIE world. Not all of it has been fun, but all of it has been interesting. One long running story about an identity thief has kept me entertained for a while, ever since the victim contacted me for help. I, like so many super heroes before me, stepped up to the challenge. I mean after I was able to help my brother out of Lebanon, after I was able to settle the long running CCIE hostage standoff, after I helped you quit that boring job, after I have helped countless IT professionals with their resumes, after I helped lower the cost of CCIE boot camps, after I cornered my first counterfeit CCIE sending him out of town on a rail, after I reported on the crap in the CCIE community coming from a violent felon, after I saved the world, after I did what Indiana Jones could not do, after I helped you realize that the recession’s darkness helped highlight the stars, after I got tired of talking about myself, and an incredible flash back, I got started on CCIE #11841 Kevin Hunt’s case.

Like Shiny Ducktapeman, my alter ego, I stepped up to the task. Since the pen is mightier than the sword, I decided to use the wit and wisdom I had acquired like so much belly button lint, to see that justice was served. Here are the facts, just the facts.

Kevin Hunt is a CCIE who owns a few companies and business endeavors. He is a successful entrepreneur and accomplished CCIE in his own right, proud of his certification. One day as he innocently and meekly nibbled the meadow grass near a pond, he was brutally attacked by a lout with an internet connection. This brute clearly set on mayhem had stolen his identity. He had stolen it five years before the concussive reverberations finally echoed across the meadow. Yes, CCIE #11841 was now violated by this miscreant in the most despicable way, loss of his identity.

The thief Kevin had passed himself off to an employer as a CCIE five years before being discovered by his manager as a charlatan. As a boastful liar this pants on fire goon had decided to add a CCDE certification to his list of counterfeit achievements. In his cubicle he had pinned next to his Sheep Skin from MIT and CCIE certification a bright shiny new CCDE certification.

The manager reached out to the real Kevin Hunt, and shared his story with me as well. The web of deception was also revealed by several other managers that had interviewed him and related his deceptions to me. The fact is his resume has been sent to me several times by his dupes as they asked for help revealing this fraud and sent to me by fake Kevin himself.

Well this past week seems to have revealed to us that fake Kevin has pulled his lies off of LinkedIn. One of our friends Doc Miller CCIE #23009 who owns a group on LinkedIn called CCIE Club reposted the original story from early 2011. The story, CCIE IN THE WIRNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM, when reposted by Doc seemed to sound an end to the deception. Minutes after the reposts the fake Kevin removed his profile from LinkedIn. I was contacted by a recruiter that verified his resume also was clean of the same lies we had seen for over 6 years. Suddenly we seem to have delivered to CCIE #11841 Kevin Hunt, peace. Peace at long last.

Now Kevin, the real one, can resume his nibbling of the meadow grasses on the edge of that placid lake he calls his career, once more. He can do this secure in the knowledge that the ever vigilant and mighty Supereman is there to protect him. Supereman defender of the good and enemy of all who seek to violate the innocent. Supereman, yeah that’s me, I did it with my posse, you the readers of the CCIE Flyer. If not for you this bad guy would not have found his name in this article at the top of Google searches. If he sees this story so do others he might be trying to sell his own brand of snake oil to. What better way to call a villain to task? I ask you, did we do good catching this one?


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