My CCIE Journey by Yogesh N. Choudhary CCIE # 34055
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My CCIE Journey

My career in networking started in year 2010 after being graduated, when I came to know that the market place is getting tough, were people are struggling to get a good job.

I was a computer loving guy from my early age and my goal was to be a IT engineer but due to some financial problem and less cut off mark, I have done BscIT.

It was the ending of 2010 when i registered for CCNA in a small private institute located nearby, a 5 day course were things are going quit interesting.

I was only aware of CCNA, as people here only know this. During my session, I meet with many different people's and came to know about further tracks in it.

I'm really thankful to God to help me choose this field as my best career option.

After completing my 5 day bootcamp, I started taking things brightly into this and i really appreciate Sybex for having good training materials that help me in making a good foundation.

By the end of the year, I booked my CCNA exam nearby and I failed on my first attempt, i was too upset by this but then I decided to go again and by the start of 2011, I passed my first level of CISCO pyramid.

This helped me to get my second level CCNP and after than I decided to go for the Expert part, which I heard was the toughest part I was heading towards.

People demoralize me regarding CCIE, but then too I've made a final decision to do.

Early 2011, I started with Jeff Doyle TCP/IP Vol1 and 2, CCNP Switch, CCIE R&S study exam certification guide 4th Edition, Cisco press Troubleshooting IP Routing protocols, MPLS and VPN Architectures.

After I finished with this, I was boosted up with plenty of knowledge and then I registered for 5 day boot camp in the same institute from where I’ve done my CCNA.

The Bootcamp was not up to my expectation, as some of the core and non-core part I have to do myself, but then too I got good understanding of things and cleared all my doubts.

I took 3 more months studying and lab’ing up scenarios of my own using GNS and then I decided to go for the CCIE Written exam. After clearing, the early next day I booked my Lab date which was about 6 months long.

I use to spend 6-8 hours on weekdays and 12-14 hours on weekends preparing for the exam. I bought INE study materials and started doing it from Volume 1, which cleared my non-core concepts in better way and gone through all the volumes.

A month and a half to the exam day and I started taking things seriously with minimum 15 - 16 hours of Lab’ing on online sessions.

Finally a day to the exam, I took an early morning flight and went to Bangalore, took some good food and a 15 hours rest, I'm all set for the exam.

As I entered the CISCO premises, I was full of confident and after sharing a talk with 3 other guys who came for the same R&S my confident level got increased.

Getting to the Lab with seven others with great confidence of passing.

Now, the Troubleshooting section got started, the first 2 minutes i was just analyzing the Questions and was sorting out the easiest one from my point of view.

It took me 1 hour to correctly solve 6 tickets and now 4 were left, i came to a little pressure but than too I managed to solve the other 3 correctly and now I was mentally stable, as 9 tickets were correctly verified and still 30 minutes with 1 ticket left.

I was unable to complete it in time but then too I was relaxed and now started with the LAB part. Many challenges came into this and I used Doc CD frequently which helped me out a lot.

I was out of exam and was bit tensed, as some sort of problem came into the LAB section, I was not sure if I was passing or not, I went back to Hotel and started recalling all the Questions and finally came to relax as all were gone up to the best.

I took some light food and went to bed, woke up early, prayed to God and went to my Laptop, the result was out, I was bit scared to open the mail but than to I managed and I Passed.

Now, as I’m a fresher I need to work hard and I would be going into security next.

Thanks to all my Family, Friends and Loved ones who supported me and believed in me, which make me achieve this.

Yogesh N. Choudhary CCIE # 34055

Yogesh N. Choudhary CCIE # 34055

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